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Close Trade on Take Profit before Entry


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  • SueldoDigital

    Hi! I was looking more detailed expalnaition for this particular "Close Trade on Take Profit before Entry" option to understand it better but I coudnt find anything. Can you give us short trading example how it works? Ty so much <3

    Example of Entry Orders:

    1) 60800
    2) 60361
    3) 59731
    4) 58771
    Take-Profit Orders:
    1) 62499
    2) 64799
    3) 66399
    4) 68299
    My settings are:
    Entry: Target One
    Take-Profit: Target One
    So bot after taking profit from target one with "Close Trade on Take Profit before Entry" option enabled bot will close the trading? or you dont need to enable this specific option to close entire trading operation after taking all profits?

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